Friday, January 6, 2012

Kodak - a famous brand fades away

Kodak is probably one of the most well known brands of the world. Almost a hundred years Kodak dominated the photography or influenced it substantially to say the least. And now the end of this empire seems to have come close. Unbelievable!
Why would a car buff like me talk about Kodak? What does Kodak have to do with cars? A lot, yeah! On a substantial share of all the black and white films, the Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides and all the other film materials Kodak produced cars were pictured! Our fathers used a Kodak Retina camera, the generations in the Sixties and Seventies grew up with a Kodak Instamatic or a Kodak Instamatic Pocket camera and yes, of course, the took pictures of cars and a lot of them. Many of them have survived thanks to the quality of the Kodak products, otherwise the pictured cars maybe would have gone forgotten just like the cameras that took the pictures.
Yet another puzzle piece of the good old times vanishes, it's quite sad!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Colorful Porsche World in the Seventies

You could't imagine such a world today. Porsche sportscars in yellow, bright blue, organge, red, green, etc. But this is how buyers ordered their Porsche in the seventies. To make my point I have added two color portfolios of 1974 and three pictures of Porsche sportscars from 1976 und 1971.
Make up your own mind, wouldn't you rather want to live in a Porsche world full of wonderful colors, compared to the silver, grey, black, dark blue trends we have today?