Saturday, October 9, 2010

Advertising the BMW 507

As you probably have found out, I really love old car ads. Here's one showcasing the BMW 507. It was BMW's attempt to compete with the mighty Mercedes 300 SL and it actually had a magnificent 8 cylinder engine and the gorgeous design of Goertz. But it didn't sell well in the 50ies and disappeared after only few cars produced. I know of people having been able to buy one for less than 40k Euro and selling it for ten time as much a number of years later.


Patrick said...

Car ads are definitely interesting to look at. And they give you an idea how the car industries market their new releases to the public. Although this BMW did not last on the market, the ad definitely left a mark. [Patrick Gauer]

Mickey said...

We share the same interest. I love old ads too, not just the old cars, but everything vintage. Just the bright colors of it bring some nostalgia to me. This BMW 507 Ad here looks fab, and it’s sad that the car they were promoting here didn’t sell that much. I wonder why. The car looks gorgeous! Anyway, keep on posting interesting car ads; someone here is enjoying them. Have a good day!

Mickey Doshi