Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What we can celebrate next year (2011)

Soon we will swap 2010 by 2011 in our calendars. So I started to think about what cars have been presented 50 years ago. Here's a first list:
Renault 4
Jaguar E-Type
VW 1500
Peugeot 404
NSU Prinz 4
Fiat 1300/1500
Daf 600
Devin VW (Devin D)
Citroen Ami 6
Fiat Coupé 2300 S
Simca 1000
Jaguar Mark X
Triumph TR 4
Ferrari 250 GT(E)
Alfa-Romeo 2000 Sprint (Bertone)

Yes, I agree, not all of these have the same relevance ;-)
So, here's a list for cars presented 30 years ago (so 1981):
Alfa-Romeo GTV 6
Audi Quattro
Audi Coupé
Talbot Murena
Porsche 944
Renault 5 Turbo
Ferrari Mondial
Mercedes 380/500 SEC
Opel Ascona (front wheel drive)
VW Jetta
Talbot Tagora
TVR Tasmin
As always, I am open for feedbacks and corrections.


tapani said...

50 years ago? Funny, I went through your list and noticed that of the cars you mention, we have available as resin kits in scale 1/24 Fiat 1300/1500, VW 1500, Triumph TR4, Ferrari 250 GTE, Peugeot 404 and, not mentioned on your list, Volvo P-1800. A good year!
Tapani, Air-Trax

tapani said...

AND Jaguar Mk X!