Thursday, March 8, 2012

The new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in Geneva 2012

A new Ferrari is always a sensation, the new F12 Berlinetta makes no difference. Ferrari not only changed (again) the logic of the model naming they also packed all their engineering knowhow into the car, resulting in a bit less weight and a lot more power (700+ hp).
Never before the difference between what you get and what you actually can use in normal driving conditions was so big. When driving with the almost normal 80 km/h roughly 15 hp are enough, and even at 120 km/h you don't need more than 40 or 50 hp. So what on earth will you do with the other 650+ hp? They are there and they make the car expensive as everything needs to be adapted to cope with this massive power. Anyway, so be it. But maybe you remember the Fifties, when a Ferrari had some 120 or 150 hp and drivers have been able to use all of them quite often ....


areopagitica said...

Your blog may be a place I can kvetch a bit about the trend of Ferrari since the 275GTB and Boxer Berlinetta. Their mid engined supercars tried to chase the fleeing pure race car concepts to places a street car could never go, with negliible ground cleaarance and user accommodation. So they eventually returned to the front engined platforms. However, in the intervening time those of us with the price of admission were just too corpulent or infirm to be comfortable in the size cabins of those legendary 250GT models, etc. So the modern Ferrari has bulked up excessively, with 300mm too much wheelbase, 250mm too much width, and 500 kg too much heft. Somewhere between an Exige and this car is where a real SPORTS GT should fall. Properly directed Modern Technology should enable this, as the aerospace industry has shown. Then a 400 bhp output should be sufficient.

Cindy Kistler said...

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