Friday, March 9, 2012

Toyota's GT in Geneva

Toyota presents the GT 86 in Geneva, the new sportscar coupé built together with Subaru. It's a nice car and the power goes to the rear axle which is a good sign! But what really made the appearance special was the Toyota GT 2000 shown together with the new GT 86. The GT 2000 is probably one of the most beautiful car any Japanese manufacturer ever built. In white, presented in front of a red background it looks even better. Wonderful, but very very rare!


John L said...

A good many of the Australian ones seem to have made their way back to Japan.

areopagitica said...

Saw almost three dozen at Laguna Seca (USA Monterey Historics) in 2004 where they did a parade lap. A most exciting car whose motive power could be traced down to the later Supras, but with 50 percent more displacement. I remember when the 1971 USA emission laws defeated the twincam engine and the cost of making this car eliminated it from the market place. No technical reason it could not be revived as a costly exotic using Supra parts, so I was amazed to find that a Japanese fellow is doing one using -- perish the thought -- NISSAN running gear! Yes, I would rather see one of these in my driveway than a superexotic Lexus V10 as is currently trickling out of Japan rather like the 2000GT did,