Sunday, April 19, 2009

What the hell is a JWF Milano GT?

There are sportscars everybody knows, e.g. Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and the likes. They are built in thousands or hundred thousands and you can see them on the street everyday. But through all ages of the automobile history there have always been cars that were built in extremely small quantities and for niche markets.
One of these is the JWF Milano GT. This is an Australian car, approximately 30 of them were built. The chassis was specific for this car (built by Nota) and the fiberglass body uses design elements of contemporary Ferraris. You may also see a small Cobra Daytona in it. And it's really small, about 3.5 m long, 1.4 m wide - it's small by any standard. Especially when you consider that it has a 3 liter Holden straight six cylinder engine under the hood. It's light too and most owners raced it. As an Australian car it rarely was seen on other continents however two or three of them made it to Europe and the pictured car even was driving at the 2007 Goodwood Revival Fordwater trophy. There's is fairly little literature available on this car, most of it can be found online. Some interested stories around the JWFs are collected by John on the Bollyblog.
I will take the JWF Milano GT to this year's Gaisberg Rennen. Right now we are preparing it for this event and hope to be finished on time ;-)


John L said...

Just noticed your post, Bruno.
Cheers, John Low

Balz said...

Hi Bruno, really nice!!
You should attend at the Oberhallauer Bergrennen and compete with the "other" Bruno called "Raketen Bruno"! :-)



Was nice to meet you again! CU

Matthias Kabel said...


saw you at Gaisbergrennen, perhaps you can write an article about JWF on wikipedia? Pictures are available:



bzarperformance said...

Well JWF is a Fibreglass place in Sydney they created the Milano GT MK1. And my father Ned McGovern brought the black Milano to life after it was on a trailer in one million peaces he built the Milano peace by peace and it took years for it to get where it is today so i think you are very lucky to have it as if i was not for Ned McGovern you would not have the car at all.And that goes for the other one as well he built that one too and the owner of that one let it go over sea's as well.So if u need to contact any-one for information you need to speak to Ned McGovern for more info he lives in Sydney Australia and he knows all about the Milano's he has Pictures and lots of info on them as he built it from a big mess in our shed at home he still is doing up historic cars for other people and now owns a Ford Cortina mk1 Gt 500 there were only a few of them made too. Thank-you Daughter of Ned McGovern Owner,Builder and Driver of MILANO GT MK1.

Info on MilanoGtMk1 said...

Chassie was not built by Noda but by JWF being Sam johnson ,Bruce Leer and Ray Kenny who was an Automotive Engineer As he Built your Number 3 Chassie and Ned Mcgovern Still has the original Blue Prints from the Chassie number 3. Contact Ned Mcgovern if you wish for any more info.Thank-you.

gonein60 said...

These are such an important part of Australian sporting car history. Look at that shape...