Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TVR 3000 S - the last British roadster?

The TVR 3000S was the first open TVR, after many years, going back into the 50ies. There were a number of challenges to overcome for the engineers. While chassis and suspensions were identical to the other TVR variants, the 3000S received a new differential unit (Salisbury 4HU) and an almost completely redesigned body shape. The wind¬screen was flatter and imbedded into a small roll over bar. There was a separate door for the trunk and the side windows were built as traditional roadster sliding windows. While this is much less convenient, as windows have to be lifted out if not needed, this is a sign for a true roadster. Only the Morgan +8 is comparable in that sense, but was constructed much earlier.
To be able to install the windscreen at a lower position the cockpit had to be adapted, which lead to the speedometer installed in front of the passenger seat!
The roadster roof was quite simple and could either be kept on the car, roof down and sit on the rear part of the body or be removed completely. Most pictures in advertisements or car tests showed the car with the roof removed (same in the picture here)!
Contrary to the TVR 3000M and Taimar the Convertible was only available with a fabric interior. Many cars were converted to a leather interior anyway later.
All these cars had 3 liter Ford Essex engines and produced roughly 138 HP. Having to move approximately 1'000 kgs this was enough but not overly exciting. This is why TVR also developed a Turbo version, probably the first production Turbo car over all. 256 cars were built during 1978 and 1979 (128 each year). The car on the picture was one of the first LHD cars and the first delivered to Switzerland. It has retained its original color and interior.

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