Friday, May 1, 2009

Can riding a bicycle be just like flying?

We all have used bicycles for most of our life and for quite some time it probably was our only transportation tool even. It's quiet and it's good for the personal fitness, so there are many good arguments speaking for it.
But often we find the bicycle not convenient enough and we decide to take the car or public transport instead. Also the sensation probably has suffered a bit over time and we don't feel like heros anymore when wer are sitting on a bike, different to when we were kids. But recently I sat on a (Swiss made) Flyer C6 biycle. It's supported by an electro motor and a small but powerful battery pack, which amplifies what ever you do by some factors. It's really a great feeling going up the hill with fairly little effort and being so fast. It's like I felt when I was young and riding a bike the first time. Really cool. I understand that people love these vehicles. And I am seriously considering buying one too, just for the sensation.

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