Monday, May 11, 2009

Really rare cars

When thinking about collector's cars then usually premium brands pop up, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati and the likes. Thinking a bit longer the list may be extended by companies such as Lotus, Alfa-Romeo, Bugatti and more. But few people actually are able to name small production car manufacturers such as TVR, Marcos, Ginetta, Bizzarini or Monteverdi. And these produced significant numbers of cars. Beyond these there have been a quite a few very small companies that produced cars in the two digit number range: Diva, J.W.F., Devin, Apollo, Scarab, Bollwell, Connaught to list just a few. Isn't it so much more attractive to drive one of these cars? An Apollo 5000 is substantially more exclusive than a Ferrari Daytona, a Diva GT beats any GTO in terms of rarity, you probably will never meet another Connaught on the street if you drive one. But still these cars fetch much less value than some of the better known classic cars from the better known brands. Value isn't though the only measure. Isn't it more about pleasure and fun to drive something that only exists in extremely small numbers and is somewhat unique? People following this blog have seen the post on the JWF Milano GT earlier this year. From the approximately built 30 cars only about 10 still do exist and each and every one is quite different in terms of components used and history. And that's why I love these cars so much.

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