Saturday, May 16, 2009

Breaking down with the Tuscan - a positive experience?

It's always special to take an old car for a ride and have the old machinery warm up, sound and smell.
Sometimes, of course, things don't work out as planned. Old cars are certainly less reliable than modern cars. They were less reliable when they were new and of course after 40+ years this probably hasn't got better, despite better materials here and there and components that last longer. So, today, I took my dear TVR Tuscan (1969) for a blast and it let me down, after 30 kms it just rolled out and didn't start again. No power at the ignition. Nothing big, but enough to not reach the target on time and to get the fingers dirty. The good thing about old cars is that many of these problems can be solved on the spot or at least a work around can be found and the drive can continue. With modern cars it's often the opposite: first you need the infrastructure (mostly a computer) to actually find out what's wrong and then most of the time you need a spare part to actually solve the problem. And of course these things are not with you when you drive through the country. So, the TVR broke down, but we were able to fix it and this fact makes the car actually rather more interesting than the other way around, doesn't it?

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