Friday, August 7, 2009

The best car I ever owned?

Recently I wondered why I still do own the same car for my everyday drives. Maybe, it's because this is the best car I ever had? Well, this triggers a number of thoughts, as this BMW 330i Touring probably cannot really be the best car I ever owned. Comparing to other cars ranging from high performance saloons to super cars and beautifully shaped convertibles, from slow small cars to fast racing cars, there must be something that is better than the BMW. Well, the first question of course is, what means "best". If "best" means to optimal compromise between economy, fuel efficiency, usability, safety and sportiness, well maybe, this is the best car I ever had. At least I don't see a real reason to swap it against something else. It's very efficient with its direct injection six cylinder engine, it's small enough to still handle well, it's roomy enough for a family with three kids, it's safe with many airbags and the latest in passive and active safety features and it's quite good in terms of usability too, if you forget the small windows and the not optimal navigation system. And, it sounds amazying, without being noisy. So, it's maybe the best compromise, but that's it. And that's maybe enough. And that's why I have kept it until now, that's why I have covered already 30 tkm with it and probably will add quite a few on top.
But to come back to the initial question, it's certainly not the best car I have owned in absolute terms. Frequent readers of my blog will know why.

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