Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cars like art or sculptures

There's quite a bit of art in the design of cars. In some vehicles you'll find more, in others less of it. Often the designer didn't try to make it artistic, but rather tried to find a good solution for an engineering problem. From time to time though, there's a bit of freedom to create a real beauty. Look at the picture at the side. This is the air intake of an Alpine-Renault A110 1600 S (1972). The main purpose of this car was to be fast and competitive. And it was, winning the Rallye Monte Carlo multiple times. But still, the air intake looks almost like a sculpture and the mixture of plastic, color and chrome is just beautiful. You will find such extraordinary design elements in many of the greatest classic cars, and this is why it's just such a joy to look at them and to study them.

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John L said...

I couldn't agree more. Later model TVRs have artistic features that you can't take your off as well. It's funny, only this morning I was contemplating doing something on TVRs on my own blog which culminated out of one of our friends wanting to buy one and then finding a well priced Chimaera V8 convertible in Queensland. On top of that, out of the blue has come emails going about today about the good features of Alpine A110s. There's just so much to consider on blogs isn't there?