Sunday, June 28, 2009

Classic Car Meetings as a cultural statement

It's summer again and all over the country enthusiastic people organize Classic Car Events. One of them, the Oldtimer Sunday Morning Meeting (OSMT) is a gathering of all kinds of cars that have been built before 1972. It's organized 6 times or so per year and happens at the last Sunday of the month. Today, the weather was more than ideal and a huge crowd assembled to watch cars or to show their own cars. Guests of honour were the Aston Martin club and a group of Morgan Threewheelers.

Oldtimer events are very peaceful and entertaining happenings. It's amazing what amount of history and tradition can come together at one place. Cars such as a Volkswagen Beetle that dominated the traffic 30 years ago, or very rate cars such as a Healey Silverstone can be enjoyed and watched in detail. All time favorites such as an Austin Healey, a Triumph TR4 or a Jaguar E-Type shine in the sun. Bentleys, Mercedes, Porsches, Fords, Volvos, Lotus, etc., they all park side by side as if the earth had stopped to rotate many years ago. And few hours later all the cars have disappeared and the parking spot is ready again to provide space for the workers and visitors coming by. People who were there will though remember the impressive gathering for quite some time and probably come back as soon as it's organized again. It's a museum without a roof and the exhibition changes every time it's shown. Where can you enjoy culture and history so easily and with so many surprises otherwise?

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