Monday, June 29, 2009

Is TopGear the best TV car show on earth?

I am a real fan of Top Gear, I adore it. I really suffer in the long pauses between the series. Luckily series 13 is now running, makes me smile.
Now, what is so good about TopGear on BBC?
First, it's not really a car show. It's more a comedy show with three really funny guys talking about cars, driving cars and being the contrary of neutral. The pictures are phenomenal, highest quality. And the ideas these guys have are breathtaking. Like finding the best driving road in Europe, as shown in the YouTube footage below.
TopGear is so far ahead from anything else that I actually do know quite a lot of people watching it, who don't have a specific interest in cars.
Jeremy, Richard, James - if you ever read my blog - thank you, guys. Great TV. It's maybe not really a car show, but it's the best on earth.

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