Monday, June 15, 2009

The three wheeler Volkswagen Scooter from 1986 would be a revolutionary car even today

In 1986 Volkswagen presented an experimental vehicle called "Scooter". It was quite innovative. It's drag factor (cw) was 0.25. Its weight was 550 kg, and the production version was claimed to be even lighter. It had three wheels only and could seat two people. With a small engine it was said to be very economical and still quite fast. But - it never made it to production. And probably wouldn't have been a big seller if Volkwagen had decided to manufacture it. In 1986 it would have competed with the Volkswagen Golf II, the BMW 325i, the first BMW M3, the Citroen BX, the Peugeot 505, the Mercedes 300 SL (R107) oder the Lamborghini Countach. Interestingly all of these competitors look quite old now, and some are true "Youngtimers" now. The Volkswagen Scooter though still looks futuristic and would still today be a vehicle that could win economy runs and with today's engine technology could make a "less than 100g CO2 per km" car, probably more ecological than a Toyota Prius. It's sad to see how many good ideas and concepts never materialize.

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