Saturday, June 13, 2009

Come back of the two stroke engine?

In a recent discussion with a very gifted engineer I was told that the two stroke engine could actually be a very good solution for today's mobility problems. I was astonished as I imagine lots of blue oily smoke when I think about two stroke gasoline engines. Two stroke engines were quite popular in the 50ies and 60ies, the DKWs had some of these (remember the 3=6? or the Monza?) but also Saab used two stroke engines and there were a number of quite competitive race cars. From time to time car manufacturers bring them back, but none of the recent attempts was successful. In the 90ies (around 1996) Ford announced the Ford KA and wanted to put a two stroke engines. But for some reasons - and some say the engine would have been too good - it didn't materialize and Ford had to mount a quite old fashioned 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine. What could have been? Anyway, modern emission standards can also be met with two stroke engines and thanks to the materials we have access today a two stroke engine probably wouldn't burn much more oil than its four stroke brother. On the positive side is the low complexity and therefore weight of a two stroke engine. So, maybe, in the next years ....

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