Monday, October 12, 2009

Are modern cars really better than what we had many years ago?

When you read test reports in car magazines it seems clear that every new car model is better than the car it replaces. The new Golf VI is much better than the V and of course much much better than the Golf I to IV. Same with sportscars. But is really everything better? Of course modern cars are safer, consume less gasoline (most of the time), offer more driving assistance and make using a car more convenient. But aren't there a couple of things that got worse, not better? Yes, there are!
Visibility is one of them. You barely can see out of a modern car these days, it seems. You even need park distance control systems to not damage your car. And it's much easier to damage your bumpers because they are painted and there's nothing to really protect THEM. Usability also got worse due to all the stuff they put into modern cars. But that's probably fair, giving all the convenience you get with it. But one more thing I think got worse - gear change precision. Many modern cars use complex mechanics to connect the transmission with the gear change lever while some cars we had in the past actually had the transmission between the seats and the lever directly operated the transmission. Look at the Alfa-Romeo Giulia or the Fastback Spider. I rarely have enjoyed so much precision changing gears. And now compare it with modern front wheel drive cars, especially when they are a bit more worn. What a difference. I am sure there are many many more things that actually haven't been improved over times. And yes, that's why some of us love to drive old cars ....

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