Thursday, October 1, 2009

Picture of the week - Aston Martin DB 7

There are cars that are bought because they are fast, show unmatched performance or are just well engineered. And there are cars that are being bought purely for the sake of their design. One of the latter group was the Aston Martin DB7. It was a really gorgeous car and so much nicer to look at then its predecessors. It looked good from every angle and the details, such as the air intake on the side (see picture) were beautifully crafted. Technically it wasn't that exciting with its Jaguar based chassis/floor unit and the compressor supported Jaguar V6 that sounded more like a tram than a car. It wasn't even that great to drive, especially if you are more than 1.8 m tall. But to have one standing in your driveway made you feel really good. The car was improved over its long life by adding the V12 and improving many parts, the design gladly was left pretty much untouched.

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