Friday, October 2, 2009

Why on earth would you need more than one car?

Modern cars are more versatile than ever. With an Audi RS 6 Avant you buy performance, space and usability. The engine comes from the Lamborghini Gallardo and therefore the performance is almost in the supercar league. And as it's still a station wagon you can transport a family with luggage and pull a trailer. Or if you need more air, why not buy a Volkswagen EOS that offers a good compromise between a solid convertible top, four seats and a trunk big enough to bring the luggage of all the passengers? Again performance is sufficient if you pick the right engine. So, all your needs are fulfilled, why owning a second car?
Well, at least for myself, driving different cars is more than just fulfilling different needs. Cars do have a personality of some sort. A Mercedes SL breathes German perfection, an English roadster like a TVR transports British tradition and is admirable just because it's not perfect at all. And so on. Different cars for different moods and different experiences. That's what it's all about. Modern cars can be quite versatile but they have to be a compromise and will never be able to give the final experience. The engine from the RS6 may be the one from the Gallardo, but the car still feels like an Audi and misses all the Italian extra points.
By the way, the two pictures were created with, quite an entertaining site to convert pictures to canvas or comicbook like illustrations. Try it yourself!

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