Thursday, October 29, 2009

The best 14 car movies ever?

I do love movies, I like watching movies in good quality, looking at the pictures and listening to the sound and noise. So what would be more logical for me than to combine my passion for cars and movies? I collected quite a few of these movies over time and maybe it's valuable for you to share my top 14.
A few of these movies are very well known, for example "Le Mans" (my favorite, never before and after have more car scenes with less dialogues been wrapped in a cinema movie), "The Italian Job" (I have the original version and the remake on the list, but the original beats the remake 5:1, just watch the opening scene with the Lamborhini Miura in the Alps), of course "Bullit" (watch the famous pursuit scene with the Ford Mustang) and "Grand Prix" (many really fascinating formula one scenes).
But there are also a couple of movies rarely shown, such as "Rendezvous". The idea behind Rendezvous was to drive through Paris in about 12 minutes (as the camera hooked onto the car couldn't capture more without changing the film), regardless of speed limits, other cars or people walking over the street. Another very rare movie is "La Passione". Chris Rea made this movie about Graf Berghe von Trips and his racing career (you'll love the shark nose Ferrari formula 1 car that they built to make this movie) and it's so rare I haven't even been able to find a copy myself. But I am sure I will love it.
But if I have to pick the best of the best, "Le Mans" is my choice. And, I will comment on memorable TV series another time.
One comment for TVR fans, both the remake of the Italian Job and Sword Fish feature a TVR Tuscan Speed 6.


John L said...

Have a look for "On the Beach" by Neville Shute. It's very old, Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner etc.

Bruno von Rotz said...

Having finally been able to find a copy of "La Passione" I must say that it's not as great as I had hoped. Both the story and the making of the movie don't convince me and it's really sad that you barely can hear any engine sound due to the all to present music.

Leisa said...

Definitely! Mark Wahlberg is no Michael Caine in the remake of The Italian Job. The original movie still reigns, I believe. From Lamborghini to the Alfa Romeo’s in this movie, Michael Caine sure has captured a lot of the audience with these sleek rides. Not to mention the Aston Martin and E-type Jaguars seen in this movie. Haaaaaaaah! I could hear the angels sing!

Leisa Dreps