Monday, November 23, 2009

Audi 2.3 E Cabrio - Audi's first in the early 90ies

Audi hadn't have a convertible in its car range over many many years. Actually some of the DKWs and NSUs probably were probably kind of the predecessors of the Audi Cabrio presented in 1991. They built it for almost nine years. It was a reaction to the success of BMW with the 3-series convertible and it became a success as well, offering the same advantages and characteristics, i.e. space for 4-5 people and some serious amount of luggage, a hood that allowed winter use and a broad range of engines, from four to six cylinders. Audi of course also had the five cylinder which powered the car I owned in the early nineties.
I was quite happy with the car, it was very reliable and even the depreciation was acceptable. It was fairly quick as well and nobody at that time would have been thinking about an S4 Convertible appearing 15 or so years later. Fuel consumption wasn't its strenght, but the noise level with the roof up was quite okay. I drove long distances with the car and it never let me down. I sold it to a water policeman in the neighborhood and I am sure he was happy with it for a long time.

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