Sunday, November 8, 2009

Zurich Car Show 2009 showcasing Ferrari 458 Italia

The Zurich Car Show is organized every year and sits in the middle between the Frankfurt Car Show (IAA) and the Geneva Salon d' Automobiles. So it happens that there are a number of cars shown the first time in Switzerland. This year it was the Ferrari 458 Italia. It looks actually as good in reality as on pictures we all have seen. It's a really gorgeous car. Also rarely seen is the Alfa-Romeo 8C Spider that was presented in a light blue color that interestingly suits the car well.
A first for Switzerland was also the Fisker Karma (also displayed as convertible) and the coming Tesla four seater family car (prototype/mockup shown).
And quite a number of other showcars and prototypes made it to Zurich as well, for example the Mini Concept and the Saab Concept car pictured here.
Of course the event was very crowded and it was more than difficult to get a good shot at something it's still worth to visit.
Similar to other car shows this year, being green and environmentally friendly was a key topic and most manufacturers showed either a hybrid car or an electrical car.

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