Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reasons to get rid of your current car and buy another one

There are (at least) two different kind of people, people who own very few cars during their live and only swap them if they really have to, and people who always find a reason to sell a car and buy another one. I am clearly fitting into the second group, having owned quite a number of cars during my life (yet). When I investigate the reasons why I decided to sell one car and go for a new one, then some returning patterns pop up:
1) Change of requirements - new requirements need to be fulfilled, i.e. the ability to pull a trailer or to fit three kids and friends including luggage into the car. Or the need to have an automatic transmission for other people to operate the car
2) Economical reasons - sell a car now, as the successor model is not yet announced to get a higher price. Sell a car now while it's still under warranty compared to selling it later. Get rid of a car before big repair jobs need to happen
3) Lack of space in the garage - to buy a new car, you need to have space first. When you have the space, it would be unwise to not use it and therefore buy a new car
4) Being bored, having seen it - some cars just can't keep up the excitement after months or years of ownership
5) Better technology available - the successor car is just too much better than what you have
6) Features you are eagerly missing - if you want a headup display you need to buy one of the few cars that have one
7) Collecting - there are many reasons to change the nature of your car collection
And of course there are many other reasons. Basically, there's always a good reason to sell a car and find a new one, as the buying process is just too much fun to stick with your existing car.

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