Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is this what we will drive in 2030?

As every year some design studios situated in or close to California revealed their visions for the future of motoring at the LA Autoshow. This year the designers where asked to design cars that would appeal to 16 to 23 years old chaps in the year 2030. Quite a challenge. You see three results here, one from GM, one from Mazda and one from Honda. Clearly they look futuristic. However I really wonder about the usability of these "things". Either these "cars" are very big or very difficult to enter. But clearly they look cool and I could imagine my son dreaming about such a thing (even today).

So, let's see. In 20 years we will know better. Given that apparently we have gone beyond "peak oil" already, more than smart design will be needed so that future generations still can commute and travel individually.

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