Friday, April 23, 2010

Do you want a Family-Convertible-Trackcar-Cruiser?

There's a trend to try to merge car categories these days. Convertibles and Coupés get married, designers try to squeeze four seats in a car that barely can fit two, trunk sizes need to capture multiple golf bags, trucks/4wds are merged with sportscars, etc. A good (?) example is the Ferrari California. It tries to emulate a Coupé, a Convertible and a Cruiser and to some extent a practical family car (4 seats), but is it really good in all these disciplines? Wouldn't you be better of buying let's say four cars? For example go for a track car like a BMW M3 E30 or a Lotus Exige, consider a cruiser like a Mercedes 300 SL (R107) or a Ford Mustang Convertible, choose a family car like an Audi A4 Avant and if money is left add a used Ferrari 308 GT/S if you really need a prancing horse. You would have spend less money, have less depreciation per annum, probably not much more maintenance and insurance cost (depending on the country and the condition of the cars of course) and I reckon much more fun! At least me personally I prefer to drive different cars and not always the same! Different cars also feel different and make you feel different.