Sunday, April 4, 2010

May Spring finally come! Classic cars covered by snow

Remember my recent blog on the Porsche 911 SC, a classic car being driven as every day car? Well, here's another chapter. Recently we had some weather surprises and - again - a bit of snow, as you can see on the picture. Snow per se isn't particularly bad for an old car, but it usually comes with salt on the streets. Luckily this time the temperatures were just high enough to prevent authorities to send the salt crew. And the 911 wasn't used that day neither. Good!
But hopefully the weather will now finally get better, so that owners have more opportunities to use their classics like yesterday when I spotted a 50ies Maserati Barchetta race car on the street, a Porsche 356, a Jensen Healey and many other rare cars!

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John L said...

Sounds like a drive around Kapunda, except for the snow.