Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ferrari 599 GTO - showing what is feasible today

Ferrari has announced the Ferrari 599 GTO. GTO stands for "gran turismo omologato". At least this was the case in the 60ies when Ferrari produced the century icon 250 GTO. You could buy this car, drive with it to Le Mans or the Nurburgring and compete in the next 24 hours race. Can you do this with the new car? No, of course not. Despite the hefty price tag of probably more than Euro 350k it's just an improved version of the substantially "cheaper" standard 599. Having said that, it's certainly a great evolution, the new car is very quick. It accelerates in less than 3.4 sec from 0 to 100 km/h and obviously has set the fastest lap on the Fiorano track, thanks to all the electronics on board. It looks good too. Would I buy one? Probably not, as for the money I can buy some of the greatest 60ies sportscar icons, including a Lamborghini Miura or a Porsche 904 GTS (if I am lucky to find one).

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