Monday, July 26, 2010

Ayrton Senna on Honda NSX driving at the Nurburgring

I just came across this spectacular video picturing the unforgettable Ayrton Senna driving the Honda NSX around the Nurburgring. Yes, there's a lot of marketing bla bla around it, but get to 4:10 or so and you'll see some serious driving action from Ayrton. And, yes, having owned two NSX in my life, this is a car that stands out from the crowd and I don't mind owning a third one sometimes in the future.

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Auto said...

This is quite a video but I could've used a little less music and children and a LOT more driving. I guess Honda's strategy is to leave the audience wanting more - you know... hype up the car. If that's their plan than I think this is a very effective video. If the point of the video was to show off this car, than they probably should've featured a bit more track footage.