Saturday, July 24, 2010

Picture of the Week - Elva MK3

Here's yet another interesting race car to see in full action: The Elva MK3. It has been racing for years in Germany and is pictured in probably its last race here at the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2006. It was quite quick and so was the driver, a very friendly chap. The car had quite an impressive history, but probably had been changed quite a number of times to continue and stay in competition. I wasn't successful buying it, so it went into a museum. Elva comes from French "elle va" which means "she goes". Elva was a pretty successful maker of race cars and partially also street cars, the best known car probably was the Elva Courier, but racers rather remember these barchettas, be it the MK2, MK3, MK4 or the fabulous MK7.

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areopagitica said...

Elva aluminum race car bodies were hardly alike no matter what version they purported to be. There are two raw aluminum ones that are sharper looking, sleeker and more aggressive than this one, which to me looks a little sodden. The kraft paper bag body color here looks rather insipid as well. Find the best looking ones on my blog "looking back racing."