Friday, July 30, 2010

The new Ferrari 458 Challenge - better, but better?

Yes, this is the brand new, just announced, Ferrari 458 Challenge. It beats its predecessor (430 Challenge) by 2 seconds in Fiorano and that's a lot, it's kind of a racing light year! So, these new cars get better and better, faster and faster, but is this really better? Do all these electronic gizmos really help to make the good driver look good and the bad one suffer? I doubt it. And it's not even that exciting to observe as it's so bloody controlled. Let's go back to less electronics, smaller tires and more fun, that's why I still prefer old racing cars.


india said...

I guess that driving such a race car is fun too... Certainly the demand for racing skills is different but I would not say that today's race drivers need to do/know less than 40 years ago.

Let's see whether the Ferrari 458 GT2 (not announced yet) will replace the Ferrari 430 GT2 in next year's races competeing against the Porsche GT3 Hybrid?

Bruno von Rotz said...

that's certainly an interesting outlook!