Thursday, July 22, 2010

Devin-D project for sale in the US

Hi, I friend of mine just told me about this Devin D that is for sale as a project in the US. Devin Ds are pretty rare! This one comes with Porsche 1600 SC engine, tubular frame and is said to be mostly complete, so a good restoration basis. This nice car could become either a street or a race car. From a body perspective the car is similar to the Devin TR also highlighted in this blog, but it had its own chassis and of course the engine sits in the back of the car. To my knowledge there are two or three Devin Ds in Europe, one of them is a nicely restored car in Austria. The car here is not cheap but fairly priced. It has a competition history from the 60ies apparently and could become competitive again with its low weight and powerful engine. If anybody wants to know more then contact me through this blog or any other mean.


Kreg said...

I would like to add it to my Devin Registry @
Thanks, Kreg

onnovlaanderen said...

Hi, as an enthousiast racing driver with various Porsches in Europe, I am interested in buying this project.
Is it still for sale and who is to be contacted?

Rapido said...

HI, i'm interesting too, if this DEVIN is always for sale, please mail me


Marc said...

I was wondered to read in the article that there are only 2 or 3 devins D in Europ. I have one in a perfect shape with all new mecanics. So I have something special?

SCOTkbrady said...

I own a 1957 Devin-F roadster model built for a Triumph-Tr-2, 3 chassis. It looks a lot like the above car, but was built with the open-mouthed SS grill. I have an SS hood that was purchased in the early 90's, directly from Bill Devin at his factory in El Monte. I am selling and willing to take offers. Call Kurt at 801-692-9064.

Shafi Keisler said...

I am looking to purchase any model Devin project car or running car. Prefer Devin SS, D or C but not picky. Please email me shafi dot keisler at gmail dot com
thank you