Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Compared with classic cars the engine bay of modern cars are boring

When you look at modern cars you see how much has changed over the years. But open the engine bay and you will see even more changes! Actually, in the engine bay of a modern car you can barely see anything. It's all covered with plastic. Look at the engine bay of a BMW 330i (model year 2008) and compare it with the one of a JWF Milano GT (1962). While both share the basic design principles (straight 6 cylinder engine) it's very easy to see this in the JWF. You can see cables and manifolds and you can see the carburettors, plus lots of other technical components keep the engine busy and alive. A modern BMW covers up almost everything and of course there's no carburettor there anymore, but computer controlled fuel injection and a lot of other gizmo to make the engine fuel efficient. This is good, but it's still sad that you see so little in a modern engine bay, isn't it?

By the way, the BMW engine develops 272 HP while the highly tuned Holden engine of the JWF delivers some more than 200 HP with quite some effort.

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John L said...

I always think the same about modern engines too. You can hardly see them.