Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The E-Tracer - faster and more economical than a Tesla Roadster

The Monotracer has been around for quite a while. It followed the so called Ecomobile and uses the same design and engineering principles as its predecessor. Basically it's a motocycle with a full body and two supporting side wheels that can be retracted almost like an airplane. The standard Monotracer is fast, 0-100 km/h in roughly 5.7 s, top speed 260 km/h.
Now Pevates AG, the company behind the Monotracer came with a new one, called the E-Tracer. It's what you would expect, an electrical version of the Monotracer. 100 kW enable it to be even faster than the Monotracer. What is even more impressive is the reach of 150 to 250 km. Now, this is much better than what you can expect in reality from a Tesla Roadster. The reason for this is a) the aerodynamic shape (0.19 cw) combined with a tiny shape (looking from the front) and b) low weight (550kg) and c) clever battery technology (lithium polymer). Now that's good engineering coming from Switzerland! And if you can live with the motocycle like behavior and can afford to pay even more money than what you put down for a Tesla then go and order one today!

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