Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Morgan 4/4 - maybe this dinosaur is actually one of the most ecological cars on earth

So here's a car that has been built since roughly the 30ies. Yes for about 80 years now Morgan manufactures this same car. The current entry model is called Morgan 4/4 Sport. If you read the technical data it sounds like these guys have invented an almost perfect green car! Combined fuel consumption is 6.2 l per 100 km (or 45.6 MPG). The CO2 footprint is 140 g/km. 115 HP are enough to accelerate the 795 kg car in less than 7 seconds from 0 to 100 km. Also, as energy spent for production is an important factor in overall environmental perspectives, here's another important fact: Manufacturing one Morgan takes much less energy and material use than producing a standard car, and typically these cars are well maintained and kept forever.
And the Morgan looks absolutely gorgeous. And it's retro not because it has been designed that way, but because it has been manufactured for so many years now. Get one today or you will regret it tomorrow. I always loved Morgans, especially the Rover V8 powered +8. Maybe ...

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