Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Lamborghini and no Porsche 914 - cars I don't regret never having possessed

Over the years I looked at many cars and wondered whether I should buy them. Sportscars such as the mighty Lamborghini Countach, the Aston Martin DB9 or the Ferrari 430, affordable classics such as the Ford Capri or the Porsche 914 and 928, family cars such as the 320 TE, all of these and many more once were on my radar screen to be acquired for one or the other reason. Well, it didn't work out, and I am quite glad today. I probably would have lost lots of money or have suffered from serious reliability problems in some cases. I probably wouldn't have been happy with the handling, the engine sound or the practicality. Who knows. Today I clearly think I am much better off and the probability is low that any of them would have made it long term into my "collection". But I am sure many of my readers would see this differently.

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