Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Driving Philosopher sponsoring Indycar and Nascar?

It would be exciting to say that "The Driving Philosopher" has become so famous and well read that I can afford sponsorships in Indycar, NASCAR or other racing series. Of course my "traffic" is only generated by natural search, viral effects and people returning to the blog. Maybe one day, sponsoring will help to make the blog even more famous ...
For the time being I have been using a fun online tool called ImageChef. This allows you to select a picture and enter a text, which then is integrated into the picture.
Try it yourself, it's quite fun. And the results actually look quite compelling I find.
There are many other tools of the same kind out there and the ideas of some people almost seem to be without limits. This is what I love about Web 2.0, it's making things possible you didn't even think about.

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