Monday, September 28, 2009

Traffic in Paris - not better nor worse than years ago

Having been in Paris every 2-3 years over the last 20 years I was curious whether things concerning traffic have changed in Paris recently. Well they have, and they haven't.
Parking is still a major issue and only few cars don't have damages at their now colored/painted bumpers. One way how to protect your bumpers was exemplified by the green Mini on the first picture.
What is really intriguing is the new bicycle "take and drive" system installed at many places in Paris. You take a bicycle at one place, drive to another place and return it there. The bicycles are quite stylish and pretty basic at the same time. But they have all what you need including a little basket. And people seem to make use of these bicycles quite well.
The streets are still heavily crowded and if you really want to be fast you take a scooter or a motocycle, with the danger attached to it.
What is interesting is the fact that compared to years ago the portfolio of cars driving through Paris seems to have got wider. I can't remember having seen so many Japanese cars on French roads in the past. I even spotted quite a few Toyota Prius, and this in the Diesel country France. Also the car park seems to rather be younger/newer. You rarely can spot an old Peugeut or Renault on the streets, too bad. But regardless of what can be seen on the streets, Paris certainly is worth a trip!

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John L said...

Adelaide has a similar bicycle system.