Thursday, September 24, 2009

If money is not an issue - three all time classics to choose from

My heart has always beaten for 60ies race cars that were able to cope with regular street traffic but made a good impression on the race track too. Some of these cars probably belong to the most beautiful cars ever built. And they also have a top position on my "all times" wish list.

Let's start with the Porsche Carrera 6. It followed on the 904 but had this great flat 6 cylinder engine everybody dreams of. It was highly successful even after being replaced by 907 and 908. And it is the last Porsche with gullwing doors.
The Alfa-Romeo 33 Stradale is probably one of the most beautiful cars built overall. The engine here is even more impressive than the one from the Porsche, 8 cylinders and this unbelievable Italian soundtrack. Very few cars got built.

The last of the three cars to discuss here is the Ferrari Dino 206S. It came a few years before Ferrari actually decided to produce the 206/246 GT road car, but it had a similar silhouette. Pininfarina created a masterpiece here again. The car was very competitive and, I hear, a joy to drive.

So, should I ever win in the lottery this is certainly where I would start to ramp up my car collection.
Interestingly there are only "recreations" available from the Porsche while the Alfa and the Dino never really got copied in serious numbers. Which is surprising as you could probably buy Fiat Dino Coup├ęs and start from there to build a Dino 206S copy at reasonable cost.

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