Monday, September 21, 2009

How much Power do you need to have fun?

Modern cars become more and more powerful and for many people it's difficult to understand how driving was possible with less than 500 HP.
Bullshit! Driving was possible with a lot less than even 200 HP. In the 60ies fast sportscars produced 85 HP (for example the MG A or the Triumph TR3) and even in the 70ies few cars had more than 150 HP. And it was more than enough. Let's take the pictured TVR 3000 S. With less than 140 HP, but a healthy growl, it make the car feel quick and still "torquey". For today's authorized speed limits the car is more than fast enough and thanks to its truly open nature it's lots of fun.
Adding another 200 or 300 HP wouldn't make the drive more entertaining really.
So, dear engineers from Audi, BMW or Porsche, take your heritage for a ride and think again before you are adding the next 100 HP to your premium sportscars.

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