Friday, September 25, 2009

Picture of the week - Ferrari 308 GTS

Most people, at least car nuts, will know this car. And even more people will remember the TV series in which the car was the vehicle of Tom Selleck, P.I. Magnum. What is interesting by the way is the fact that the TV producer actually wanted to have a Porsche 928 in convertible/targa trim. Porsche wasn't able to deliver, so the TV guys looked for another car and and found the Ferrari 308 GTS. People who have driven the car know that it probably was a bit smallish for Tom. The interior is cut for tiny Italians rather than long US football stars. But, he got the car anyway and the 308 GTS profited a lot from this publicity.
The Ferrari 308 GTS was very successful and especially in its initial setup (carburetors) a great car to drive and listen to. The targa top was easy to remove and mount and fitted well behind the driver and co-driver and different to the 348 it didn't remove too much of space. The 308 GTB/GTS design was immaculate, one of Pininfarina's best.

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