Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Datsun 160B - first car I have driven on public roads

The Datsun 160B was the first car I have driven on public roads. It was my father's car and it was a typical child of the time. According to the spec it should have had 80 HP, but it didn't feel that fast and it was quite heavy too. But it was a car and it had everything you needed to practice for example double clutching. I took it for a spin quite often after I had received my driving certificate. And it was a very reliable car, something you couldn't say about the brown Alfasud 1.5 Berlina that replaced it. The 160B even became a rallye car, the SSS versions were quite famous at that time and won for example the East African Safari if I am not mistaken.


John L said...

We had the 180B which came straight after the Datsun 1600. 180B SSS models acquitted themselves very well in rallying circles back then and and still do so in historic rally events. They seemed to be better than the 200B that followed for some reason.

bob ware said...


I have just bought a Datsun 160B,since it is a second hand,We are not sure whats the difference between an MK3 and a 160B,is there any difference and the one I bought has been giving my mechanic trouble with the Starter,I understand the starter I bought it with wasn't the original and now we cannot find the original since it has broken 2.
Please any advice ,it was in the yard for about 2 years.