Monday, December 14, 2009

The Petrolhead's wishlist for 2009 Christmas

Here's what I would put on my Christmas wish list for this year:
  • Audi, please present and produce a V6 KERS enabled Audi R8
  • Ferrari, what about the rebirth of the Dino as a gorgeous V6 sportscar, probably KERS enabled as well, somewhat a mini 458 Italia at half the price?
  • Lotus, please build the Elise MK3, but lighter and faster. If done well, this could become the ultimate green sportscar
  • Mercedes, Audi, BMW or whoever is interested: what about a hybrid engine family car (i.e. a station wagon) that combines space, look and economy. Why have "green" cars to look like a Toyota Prius, why isn't there a station wagon or van offering both fuel economy and ecology?
  • I wish me an European answer to the Nissan GTR, but more beautiful while not being much more expensive
  • I also would like to have a race track close by to drive fast in a safe environment, so what about changing the legal framework, creating some jobs here in Switzerland and building a nice little track nearby?
  • And finally I would really love to play GranTurismo 5 on the PS3, but that's probably the only wish that will be fulfilled in the next months as the launch date currently is set for March 2010 (it was once 2007 for people who remember!)
So, Santa Clause or whoever makes the decisions here, go ahead, impress me!


John L said...

Was the first Dino a "gorgeous V6 sportscar? I just thought it had no guts. Looked good though.

Bruno von Rotz said...

Well it was not THAT powerful, but the handling was amazing for a 60ties car, even compared to today's standards. With 195 HP it was powerful enough to compete with most other (and faster) cars on a twisted road

John L said...

Yes, they handle nicely. Mine was between Panteras which just shows that I'm a "brute strength and ignorance" sort of a person I guess.