Monday, December 28, 2009

The Volkswagen Golf VR6 - creating a new category in the 90ties

The Volkswagen Golf VR6 was in many perspectives a new type of car. It probably wasn't the first time somebdoy fitted a V6 engine into a small car, but it certainly was the first time that the result wsa so successful. The VR6 continued what the GTI had started, creating a new car category that attracted a very diverse owner audience. Whether you were a banker, an artist or a psychologist or whatsoever, the VR6 was both a compact car and a little racer as well. Since then many manufacturers followed and built top end luxurious hatchbacks for the affluent who still likes a small and not so shiny car.
The VR6 engine with 174 HP from 2.7 liter was introduced as part of the Golf III range. It was the most powerful engine to have in a Golf for quite some time. It sounded nicely as well, but it wasn't known for it's very economical fuel consumption behavior. Despite the additional weight the car still handled quite well.
My own Golf VR6 was a three door version, painted in a color called "dusty mauve", somewhere between violet and brownish. I liked the car quite a bit, but still part exchanged it against a Mercedes C280.
I owned it for a year and did roughly 12'000 km with it. It was reliable and good to drive, and it certainly helped to establish my love for six cylinder engines.

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