Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The 2010 Geneva Car Shows - white hybrid cars, but almost no passion, racing and tradition

Coming back from this year's Geneva Car Show (2010) there are a couple of trends I thought are interesting to mention:
1) Clearly fuel efficiency comes before performance on the marketing agendas of the car manufacturers
2) Any color is good as long as it's white. Many many cars are shown in white, few though are painted in other colors, to be fair, for example the bright green Ferrari or the colorful Fords.
3) There's less money than in the past, therefore there's also less glamour in the show. The booths are more basic, less money has been spent on displays, girls, etc.
4) There's a certain lack of emotion. No real passion!
5) History and tradition aren't really important anymore. You may find some classic cars, but you have to look hard. Ehhmm, I don't count Morgan and the Land-Rover as classic cars in this context.
6) Racing isn't highlighted. There are few race and rallye cars (i.e. at the Renault, Audi, Volkswagen and Citroen booths), but it's really marginal and certainly not in the center.
7) Clearly the the "hybrid" age has hit all the manufacturers, or almost all of them, including Ferrari (599 HyKERS), Porsche (918 Spyder, GT3 Hybrid) and many others. Also lots of electrical cars to be seen, but very few hydrogen cars.
8) There's still a lot of interest. Tons of people try to get an impression of how the cars today and tomorrow look like.

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