Saturday, March 20, 2010

300 - a benchmark in the automotive and other industries

300 could be seen just as any other number. But in many ways it's more. It's a movie for example. But it's also a benchmark for the construction industry. The Eiffel Tower was for quite some time one of the few buildings beating 300 m in terms of height. But this is a blog about cars. 300 km/h top speed was for a long time a benchmark for supercars. In the 60ies car manufacturers started trying to build cars that could go to a 300 km/h top speed. The Lamborghini Miura was one of the first street cars getting close, but only close. Even in the 70ies it was almost impossible to beat 300 km/h. Many claimed to be faster, few were. The Ferrari 512BB for example wasn't able to go faster than 290 km/h and it became quite clear that more than 500 hp were needed to get to such a top speed. Of course the late 80ies, the 90ies and the new century changed the game and with the Bugatti Veyron we have been able to beat the 400 km/h top speed benchmark. Many super and hyper cars of the last years have of course been able to go faster than 300 km/h.
The reason why I am talking about the number 300 is also that with this blog I have been posting 300 blog entries around cars and racing - it's the "work" of basically the last 12 months. I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

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