Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Can Pininfarina's Alfa 2uettottanta beat the old Alfa-Romeo Fastback Spider 2000?

Pininfarina presented the 2uettottanta, kind of an Alfa-Romeo Spider in the tradition of the beloved fastback spider of the 70ies and 80ies.
It's an impressive design and the car looks really sharp. The whole thing makes the impression as if production could start tomorrow. Not many prototype and concept car gimmicks, stuff you actually could build today.
Would I buy one?
The old Fastback Spider 2000, built around the end of the 70ies is one of my alltime favorites. I tried two times to buy one, but never really was successful for various reasons. It's one of the first convertibles I drove and I loved the slick gearbox, unmatched by most modern cars. The sound of the engine was like music and you enjoyed every double clutch gear change. The car was very easy to use too with its simple roof that you could bring down with one hand and without the need of an armee of electric motors. With 127 hp or so the performance was more than satisfactory thanks to the low weight.
I actually still would love to own one of these, maybe one day ....
Coming back to the 2uettottanta, would I buy one of these if they put it on the market? Maybe, but in all honesty, I would prefer the old car (once again).

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John L said...

I had one of the old ones, and the gearbox was great - after it warmed up.