Monday, March 8, 2010

No sense for tradition and history at Geneva Car Show 2010?

With all these hybrid and electrical cars manufacturers seem to have lost their sense and passion for tradition and motoring history. How else could you explain that there were so few old cars displayed at this year's Geneva Car Show?
There were exceptions though. Peugeot has a nice old car there, Saab displays one of its early successes (apparently Mr. Spyker will compete at the Mille Miglia with an old Saab this year), Hispano Suiza showcases a true classic, probably to move the attention away from the less beautiful new car, and even Jaguar has a SS100 displayed, though you have to look hard through the glass behind the new cars to actually spot it. Alfa-Romeo probably makes most out of their tradition, Audi at least shows an older rallye car, but others totally miss this opportunity. Too bad!

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John L said...

The Peugeot looks lovely. I've never seen one like that in Australia although there's a few Hispanos around of similar vintage.