Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True colors at the Geneva Car Show 2010?

In my introduction blog post on this year's Geneva Car Show 2010 I made the point that the most popular color for the cars displayed was white. Of course there were other colors, and I don't mean silver, grey or black. We actually had REAL colors. I put together a sample here. There were some brave car manufacturers bringing really colorful cars to Geneva. Ford for example had this cherry red color. Renault displayed gordini blue and yellow cars. Alfa-Romeo of course had red colors on their booth. There were golden and brownish cars too. And the Ferrari Hy KERS came in this shameless green tone. There is of course a good reason why cars at a car show are not painted in the beloved black or dark grey metallic color schemes. It just doesn't look great with the typical artificial light at an exposition and you can't really see the shape and design well. In that sense white makes a lot of sense, however it doesn't suit all cars well.

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