Thursday, May 20, 2010

GoCycle - the best e-bike yet?

I just stumbled upon the GOCYCLE e-bike. It's not that new, but it's still fresh. So what does it have to do with cars, you may ask. Well, it has been designed by Richard Thorpe, coming from McLaren. It's pretty clever with its moulded magnesium frame, cleandrive fully sealed 3-speed sequential gearbox and integrated floating disk brakes. And it looks good and very stylish. And it's light, 16.2 kg is something in the e-bike world. I haven't yet had the opportunity to test drive one, but I will. There are things already though I don't like. The price lists looks like what you are used from Mercedes or BMW, everything costs extra and the add-ons are quite expensive. The bike as such is fairly affordable with £1'272 excluding VAT.
So, I am tempted, but not fully convinced yet ...

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