Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Would the Ford GT 70 have been a success?

In 1970 Ford decided to build a competitive (rallye) car after disappointing results in the Monte Carlo rallye. The Ford GT 70 was designed with an engine in the middle and ready to take on a number of different engines and technical components from other Ford cars of the time. The brochure pictured here lists 4 engines, a 4 cylinder 1599 ccm unit with 86 hp, an RS variant with 1601 ccm and 120 hp, the V6 with 2600 ccm with 125 hp and the V6 (Essex) engine with 2994 ccm and 125 hp later found in the Ford Capri. With a 765 kg weight (empty) this car could have been competitive as a matter of fact. The car was quite pretty, but not really a beauty. With a top speed of 240 km/h for the race version it would have been quick enough to make life of Alpine-Renault miserable. But the project got scrapped after financial issues of Ford due to a workers' strike, only the prototypes remain. Much later (1984-1986 Ford built again a mid engine race car called Ford RS 200 - again not a beautiful, but clearly hot car.

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